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These policies are intended to define different important topics i.e Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy to users on our website [].

What are Cookies?

When you are browsing websites on the internet, many of these websites store tiny text files called cookies on your computer, to help track your use of the website and to personalise your journey around the website. These cookies can be stored so that if you return to a website, that website server can call the information from the cookies stored on your computer to tailor your experience on the site.

D2TIME. is no different, we use cookies to help you shop on our website more effectively and to place online orders. We do NOT store personally identifiable informationin our cookie data.

Cookies are perfectly safe to be stored on your computer and almost all web browsers have cookie storing enabled as default. However, all browsers have the option of disabling cookies being stored on your computer if you wish to do this. Please be aware that disabling cookies on your browser may reduce your ability to shop online and fully engage with D2TIME. We use cookies to process orders in your basket. Disabling your cookies may cause you some problems during your purchase through our website. This would be a common experience of reduced functionality across many websites.

Legistlation from the E.U has meant that websites must provide clear information about their use of cookies to their customers, something we at d2time fully support. We want to ensure that you, as our valued customer, are fully aware of the use of cookies on our website, and are proud of our reputation as a transparent and honest retailer that you can trust. 

Cookie Control

Cookies should be enabled by default on your browser, so if you have not changed your settings, you should expect to be accepting cookies from websites. Remember cookies are not harmful to your computer and our cookies on D2TIME do not contain any personal identifiable information.

If you wish to change your cookie settings please refer to guide below. Firstly, find out what your default web browser is on your machine, or the browser you use most often to access thew internet.

PC Users

On teh tool barat the top of your browser click'HELP' and choose the 'ABOUT' option from the drop down. This will tell you the browser type and version.

Mac Users

Open the internet as usual and once open, click on the Apple icon in the top left corner and choose the 'ABOUT'' option. This will tell you inthe browser type and version.

Once you know the browser you are using you can find the cookie setting using the guide below relevant to your browser:

Internet Explorer Logo

Checking your settings in Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions

  1. Locate the 'Tools' tab on the menu areas of your browser. Click on this.
  2. There is an option called ‘Internet Options’ on the list, select this option.
  3. This should open a pop up box with lots of tabbed options. Select the ‘Privacy’ tab from the list.
  4. Internet Explorer has a high, medium, low auto-adjust system for internet content handling. You can configure your own settings by clicking the advanced tab and ticking the ‘Override automatic cookie handling’
  5. Settings above Medium will disable cookies, Medium or below will enable cookies.
Internet Explorer Logo

Checking your settings in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Locate the 'Tools' tab on the menu areas of your browser. Click on this. 
  2. From the list of options on the drop down menu, click on ‘Options’
  3. There should be a pop up window appear with tabs along the top. Find the ‘Privacy’ tab and select this.
  4. You should now have some options for ‘Tracking’ and ‘History’. Under the ‘History’ drop down menu, select ‘Use customer settings for history’ if you wish to adjust your cookie settings.
Internet Explorer Logo

Checking your settings in Google Chrome

  1. Look for the spanner icon in Chrome  and click on this
  2. From this menu, select settings...
  3. Within settings you will see tabs on the left hand side. Select the tab called ‘Under the Hood’
  4. When this page loads you will see a tab at the top called ‘Content Settings’ – select this
  5. This brings up your content controls including cookie permissions – select the option you feel most comfortable with
Internet Explorer Logo

Checking your settings in Safari

  1. Locate the Cog icon at the top of your browser  and click on this.
  2. From the list of options select ‘Preferences’
  3. This should open a pop up window with several tabs along the top. From this list select the ‘Privacy’ option. 
  4. This will open the tab page that allows you to control the cookie settings on your browser.
Internet Explorer Logo

Checking your settings in Opera

  1. Click the Opera file icon in the top left hand corner of your browser. 
  2. From the drop down list of options, highlight ‘Settings’ and then scroll across and select ‘Preferences’.
  3. This should open a pop up window with tabs along the top. Choose the ‘Advanced’ tab. 
  4. This shows you the advanced options. On the left hand side there is an option called ‘Cookies’ – click on this option. 
  5. This presents the cookie options for your use on this browser.

If you have another browser...

Please check the help settings within your browser or use a search engine to find answers on the best way to enable or disable cookies in your chosen browser. Please remember we are not responsible for the content on external websites.

Privacy Policy

Who We Are 

In this Privacy Policy, refernces to 'WE' and 'US' are to DACHA GROUP Ltd trading as D2TIME, Company Registration Number 09694263, Registered Office 8th Floor, Suite 4, St. James's House, Pendleton Way, Salford, M6 5FW

What Information We Collect and How

The information we collect on this website may include:

  1. Any personal details you type in and submit, such as Name, Address, Email Address, etc. we only collect information that we require for completion of orders and account set-up. We never store payment detailson the websites.
  2. Data which allows us to recognise you, your preferences (including items added to your baskket) and how you use this website. This saves you from re-entering your informtaionwhen you return to the website. This data is collected by cookies from your navigationaround the site. A complte guide to our cookies policyand how to control cookies on your computer can be found here.
  3. Your IP address( this is your computer's individual identification number) which is automatically logged by our web server. This used to note your interest on our website and your location (e.gcity) for our site analytics
  4. Your preferences and use of email updates, recorded by emails we send you (if you slected to receive updates on products and offers).

What We Do With Your Information

Any personal information we collect from you will be used in accordance with the DATA Protection Act and other applicablelaws. The details we collect will be used:

  1. To process your order(s)
  2. To carry out security/ validation checks to process payments
  3. To comply with legal requirements

 We would also like to inform you of various promotions thst msy be of interst to you. You may be contacted by post, email, telephone, SMS or such other means as we regard as appropriate, including new technology. If you wish to receive these communications, please tick the 'SUBSCRIBE' to newsletter box when entering your details. You may unsubscribeata later date under the 'UPDATE CONTACT INFORMATION & PREFERENCES in your account, if you wish- 'Your Rights' Section below.  

How Can I See a Copy Of The Information You Hold About Me?

The Data Protection Act gives you the right to see personal information we hold about you. If you want copies od this information, please send us a written request with the following:

  • Your full name and address
  • Your account number (previous order number if applicable)
  • A £10 Admin charge made payable to D2TIME via Cheque
  • Details of any specific information you require
  • One proof of identity (photocopy of either your passport or your UK driver's license)
  • One proof of identity of address (photocopy of  a recent credit cardor debit card statemnt, a utility bill showing the same name and address as on your                account).


Please send your written request, cheque amd proff of identity and address to:

D2TIME- Data Protection Officer

8th Floor, Suite 4, St. James's House,

Pendleton way,


M6 5FW

Data Protection

All personal data you provide us is used to process your orders. This data will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection principles outlined in the Data Protection Act.