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30 Sep 2017

Most women love and appreciate watches, especially designer watches. Designer watches highlight the standing as well as character of the wearer. Since most women want to appear trendy and make a statement by her jewellery,  then wrist watches are a perfect method to show prestige and standing in front of relatives or friends. It is true that wearing a designer watch has become a symbol of status today.

If you put on a watch every day then it's worth investing in a timepiece that you really love given the cost per wear. That does not mean you need to splurge - take the Michael Kors Darci Collection as an example - delivers standout 
style without going over the top. A pavé-embellished bezel lends look-at-me flair, while the radiant rose gold-tone bracelet strap renders this timepiece exceptionally elegant available in a quartz movement.... all acknowledging that women feel confident enough these days to make their own decisions when it comes to a proper watch.