Watch Exchange Program

Selling and buying is often indefinite, and on some occasions the watch you want can even be gone by the time you've sold your current one—but this need not be a problem if you part exchange. Use your current watch to upgrade to your new one.

Simply register on our website ' click on account' and complete the watch exchange form for an estimate of how much your watch is potentially worth.

To enquire about how to part exchange watches now, contact customer services on 0161 2403383 or  0800  368 7759  or email on

Please click on the link below to download form and complete all the required fields. We endeavour to respond back to you within 48 hours

Click To Download Watch Exchange Form.doc

Terms and Conditions:

  • A part exchange contribution will be agreed with us in writing, which will be used towards part payment of your new purchase. where an order is cancelled in which a part exchange contribution in involved, we may at our sole discretion offer either a return of your watch or payment of the part exchange contribution.
  • If we do discover that the watch you are offering for part exchange is a counterfeit, lost or stolen or damaged  or is not full owned by you, we will have the option to withdraw either or both contracts and, if we choose to exercise this right, we wll notify you by phone or email at the earliest opportunityupon discovery by us. In this event you must refund us all monies paid by us to you within 7 days of receipt of notice from us. If we have already dispatched the watch you sought to purchase from us, you will further need to return this watch to us or pay the full purchase prcie for the watch.
  • Where your part exchange contibution exceeds the purchase price of the watch you are agreeing to buy, we will issue a credit to your account via bank transfer, subject to our terms and conditions relating to payment.
  • Where your part exchange allowance is less than the purchase price of the watch you are agreeing to buy, you will need to pay the outstanding balance by bank transfer or such other method as agreed by both parties.  
  • D2TIME reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the watch exchange program at any time.
  • You may be required to provide proof of identity i.e a current passoport, current driving licence, employer identity card with photo and proof of address i.e recent utuility bill, council tax, bank statement